An elephant never forgets.

Elephants are renowned for the ability to remember. Memory capacity is their calling card. Other animals just don’t have the reputation (especially dogs when called to come?).

This circus animal illustration is meant to convey the now historical abilities of the various PC’s. For me, it was a clever way to work in my love of animals into a technology article with a hint of vintage charm.

Watercolor and pencil illustration of circus animals.

Watercolor and pencil illustration on watercolor paper. Approximately 8″x10″ .

One of my favorite media techniques is to lightly pencil sketch my concept with reference photos on hand and then draw and develop the image using watercolor. Once the forms and color are where I want them, I come in with a fine brush to give detail. As a finishing touch, I sharpen and crisp lines and edges too small to handle with a brush. This illustration is one of my favorite watercolor and pencil illustrations. I didn’t need much pencil at the end and was happy with the clean washes of color. Elephant-like, I’ll always remember this illustration.

If you have a project needing illustration, please contact me. I’m happy to discuss your needs and help you meet your goals.