Gesundheit (God bless you)!

Aaaachoo! Shiiiiih tzu! Sound similar? A bit but quite different. That was my approximate level of shih tzu knowledge when I set about preparing for this pet portrait. I chose working reference photos based only on pure appeal. I had no specific pedigree in mind. I had heard of the breed, of course, but I didn’t know any personally and I always associated a very long hair style with shih tzus.

As I glanced through subject reference photos, I was immediately smitten with the character and personality on this dog’s face. The stance, the pose, the devil-may-care, where’s-my-silver-spoon glance. Yet, there was an adorable sweetness too;  definite puppy overtones.

Shih tzu dog pet portrait.

“Alfie” shih tzu portrait. Acrylic on canvas, 16″”x20″.

I was so looking forward to painting this pup. Such a classic pose, a somewhat arrogant, blue-blood air. It wasn’t till I had finished the painting that I actually bothered to do some breed research and am now a bit smitten. The chihuahua still reigns in my heart but the shih tzu is now giving that chi’ a run for its money.

So, the next time someone says “shih tzu” know that you are, indeed, blessed.

If you would like a portrait of your favorite pooch (or other pet), please contact me. I’m happy to do a variety of sizes and can work remotely using your photographs.