Raised in a barn

“Were you raised in a barn?” I’ve heard it asked as a child and it’s always been a comment on manners versus true origins but, is it so bad to originate from such humble beginnings? I think not!

During some random web surfing, I happened upon the graphic loveliness that is a barn quilt. I have a fascination with quilts in the first place but now, a painted quilt?! How delightful.

Anyone who knows me well knows me as a thrifty person with an “I can make that” approach. A little Martha Stewart stirred with a little MacGyver. The quilt represents the culmination of thrifty gorgeousness and inspires me. What beauty and ordered chaos is a quilt. And it’s utilitarian. What’s not to love?

Barn quilt

Rustic barn quilt painted on weathered, reclaimed wood base. Reclaimed wood, acrylic paint, 3’x3′.

Far from old fashioned, many of the geometric patterns are so modern. The juxtaposition of old and new, rustic yet graphic, are so visually pleasing. And the thrifty Leanne gets the satisfaction of using 100 year old redwood planks planed down and assembled as “canvas”.

Every now and again, being raised in (or from) a barn can have beautiful results.

4 thoughts on “Raised in a barn

    • I do. I make these on request using an color combination. Price is dependent on size. Thanks for asking!

        • The cost would be $300-$500 depending on the type of wood and the level of intricacy of the quilt pattern used. A commissioned barn square is client-requested colors and using reclaimed wood from my stash that is agreed upon by myself and the client. If you want a quote specifically, I can call or email you directly? Thanks! ~Leanne

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